Beauty Secrets of Salma Hayek

Beauty Secrets of Salma HayekSalma Hayek – is no longer a young girl of 18 years, but it still looks very good. Hard to believe that this year it will be 50 years. How do you want to be like her. Today, we try to help women realize their dream. Salma Hayek will tell all the secrets of her youth and beauty.

  • Plastic Surgery. Star has never been approached by plastic surgeons for help. From old age, no one can leave. This fact must be taken and it is time to meet with dignity.
  • Face Cream. Hayek prefers cream, which includes a mimosa crema Hondrocream España extract. It is an excellent remedy for skin care: wrinkles, heals skin and cures burns.
  • Hair and eyebrows. To care for your hair and eyebrows need to oil, which is obtained from fruit mamey. After its application the hair is thick and silky. This recipe is still the star gave her grandmother. Perhaps not all will be able to get this fruit, because it grows in South America and we find it is not so easy. Replace it can be olive or coconut oil.
  • Power. You can eat whatever you want. The main thing is not to overeat. Morning Hayek always with a cup of coffee.
  • Drinking currently. Love yourself, because every woman is a real princess.

Beauty Is Not Only In A Sexual Body

We all know that the most beautiful girls are in South America.

The fact is that there was a great mix of nations at one time, which led to the remarkable appearance of women, who very often star in Hollywood films, as soon as they participate in the Miss World and demonstrate their charms.
Hondrocream krema Hrvatska Nevertheless, according to our heroine’s conviction, in order to be a happy woman, you do not need to have an excellent figure.

Although in fact a woman such as Salma is very easy and simple to talk about it. The fact is that the actress herself was born in Mexico, where for a long time before her appearance this country was a colony of Spain.

This led to the fact that those women who participate in such a large event as Miss World or Miss Universe, very often win hot girls from these warm countries. So, the actress herself comes from thence. In addition, the genetic data of her body is normal enough to Hondrocream crème France look decent and pretty on the background of the majority, even those who play sports. A pretty face was very helpful to the cutie in her future career.

As you know, she became a mother rather late. In addition, there was Hondrocream crema Italia such a period of time when she was already with the child and at the age in which many already do not give birth to children, then their marriage to her husband could not have taken place at all. Nevertheless, they nevertheless reconciled and live for today.

To date, the actress is completely happy and does Hondrocream krem Polska not try to have an ideal body. The fact that she claims that this is not required, because her husband loves for what it is. Again, coming back a bit, we see that a woman does not like to devote much time to sports, but since she is rooted in the country where the world’s most girls got the Miss World title, she herself has excellent data from genetics to be such a beauty even in his own years.

She recommends that today’s young people still not be lazy and engage in sports activities, since these days, food products are dominated by products that have a lot of saturated fat. Therefore, for young people, sport is a great opportunity not to become too big and ugly.