Beauty Secrets of Sati Kazanova

Beauty Secrets of Sati KazanovaSati KaZanova is not only a talented singer, but also a very beautiful girl. Today, we learn what secrets keeps the singer to stay in good shape.

1. Care. Many women take care of the skin of the face, but forget with the same trepidation relate to the neck and upper chest. These areas need at least a thorough care. Yet it is important to once every few months to change the cosmetics. The skin should not get used to something one. It is very important to look after itself being in good spirits. Only positive emotions can have a positive effect on the skin.
2. Diet and Nutrition. The singer does not stick to the diet because FitoSpray O’zbekiston they are introducing it in a state of terror. It is much wiser to eat right. Of course, if you really want sweet, you can always afford a small portion. To all the cases should be approached wisely.
3. Sport. Sports training – this is a great opportunity to improve their physical condition. In this case, you need to consult with a trainer and start classes.
4. Love. Love and be loved. Love works wonders.

Hair Care Tips

To maintain the curls in good condition, the famous singer looks after them daily.

If you adhere to all the rules and follow them regularly, you will immediately see the result. Hair will become well-groomed and in general the appearance of them will greatly improve.

Basic principles of home care:

– The washing up. Combine the strands before proceeding with the water procedures. The temperature of the water should not be too high, it is better to rinse the head with a warm, even slightly cool liquid, especially for owners of fatty hair. You can not FitoSpray Кыргызстан comb and go to bed with wet locks, so as not to damage their structure. It is not recommended to wash the head with running water, it is too hard. The star advises washing the strands with mineral water.
– Stacking and drying. High temperature is bad for the hair follicles. This applies not only to the use of a hair dryer, but also to the effects of sunlight. Of course it’s better if the hair dry naturally, but if you can not do without the help of hot air, apply special protective cosmetics before stripping. It is also worthwhile to apply before applying curling forceps. In the summer, do not forget to wear a hat, this will help not only protect against sunstroke, but also will save your locks from brittleness.
– Hair products. At present, there are a lot of cosmetic products. Take the choice meticulously and scrupulously. Detergent should consist of natural ingredients, suitable for your hair type.
– Additional care. Weekly, you need to pamper your hair by applying to it masks and lotions that are made on the basis of essential oils. Apply compresses only on strands. Oils effectively take care of and help to cope with problems. It is permissible to add a few Fito Spray Украина drops to the broth of medicinal herbs and the resulting lotion is regularly used. For example, against dandruff will help: chamomile, pine, sage, geranium, orange, eucalyptus, fennel, cedar, incense, neroli, lavender. And stop hair loss: juniper, patchouli, rosemary, chamomile, grapefruit, cedar, sage. To further care to treat and hair cutting. Do not neglect this procedure. Even owners of long curls should periodically cut the tips they’ve seen. So hair will grow faster and look much more well-groomed.