Beauty Secrets of Shakira

Beauty Secrets of ShakiraShakira is one of the most beautiful women, which can easily captivate the heart of any man. It is the “highlight” that is able to bring to mind. So, today we have to learn all the secrets of the female singer.

  • Skin. Every morning on the face you need to apply the cream with vitamin C. With regard to the procedure before going to bed, it is always necessary to wash off makeup. If you choose to soak up the sun, you should always use sunscreen.
  • Hair. If you often dry the hair dryer, if needed several times a week, apply FitoSpray Eesti salendav olive oil. Oil not only nourish the hair but also makes them shine.
  • Makeup. The singer prefers to apply makeup yourself, it is not only economical, but also faster. The star always puts emphasis on the eyes.
  • Aroma. Shakira prefers spirits own brand, because no one FitoSpray Ελλάδα αδυνατίσματος better than you knows what love really is.
  • Style. Star like to wear jeans and T-shirt. In everyday life – this is the most comfortable clothes.
  • Smile. Do not always assume that a woman is most important – it’s make-up and clothes. Much more important to smile and give a good mood around.

Sexy body – In What’s the Secret

It’s no secret that the singer is a passionate fan of belly dancing and knows the technique of its execution.

Besides the fact that Shakira receives tremendous pleasure from the process, it also helps her to keep her body in great shape. It is the belly dance that helps the performer to look feminine and sexy, and also without remorse and damage to her appearance, to have a bite with a not quite dietary menu.

For many years, Shakira has been using belly dancing as an alternative to a gym and diets. She argues FitoSpray Portugal Perda de peso that, correctly carrying out the technique of direction, you can burn all the calories received and pull the bodies up to the perfect relief in a matter of days. Therefore, the singer prefers not to experiment in sports currents, but successfully adheres to the culture of belly dancing.

The singer advises everyone who does not believe in the effectiveness of these exercises to try the process. It ensures that even convinced skeptics will remain content with the transformations of their body.

The secret to the effectiveness of belly dancing is that here the movements are not only due to the muscles of the abdominal press, as it may seem initially.

In order to master the technique you need to constantly keep the whole body in tension – the body, stomach, thighs. It is also FitoSpray Hrvatska mršavljenje necessary to monitor the correct position of the shoulders and shoulder blades, which has a beneficial effect on the appearance of the back. Also in a constant tone are hands. Therefore, we can conclude that belly dancing helps to strengthen all muscle groups and provide the optimal degree of cardio-loading. In addition, in just one hour of training you can get rid of 600 calories.

Training strengthens joints, develops coordination of movements, ability to keep
FitoSpray Slovenija hujšanje balance and starts in the body an accelerated process of metabolism. Therefore, content with only belly dancing, you can keep your body in the right weight and provide him with attractive shapes. This is what the famous performer Shakira has been doing for many years of her life and regularly encourages fans with her skills in new videos.