Beauty Secrets of Sofia Vergara

Beauty Secrets of Sofia VergaraSofia Vergara – Colombian actress who can easily captivate any man. She was 43 years old, but looks much younger than his years. As this beautiful woman manages to combine work, family life, and to be one of the most beautiful women in the world.

  1. Sport. The actress is not involved in sports. It’s not Maxi Size Česká Objednat for her hours of work in the gym. In training it is necessary to make go.
  2. Diet. Vergara never adhere to any diet. It is because of its shape it loves the whole world. No favorite meal woman can never be happy really. Every day, the star eats a piece of chocolate.
  3. Plastic surgery. The actress is not against the surgeon’s intervention. However, she herself would have decided on it. Its form is excellent.
  4. Make-up. Vergara can safely go out without makeup. This magnificent woman.
  5. Interests. Every woman should find a hobby that would have brought her great pleasure. For example, the actress is interested in growing orchids and reading books. We must learn to enjoy the little things of life.
  6. Love. A woman must love yourself such what it was created by nature.

Lose Weight In The Bath

In order to eradicate irreparably the first signs of the appearance of extra pounds and display them on the most vulnerable places, the actress does not use intense physical activity or severe restrictions in the familiar food system.

She trusts another method, helping to correct the figure and quickly get into shape. According to the star, in order to have a slender body, it is not necessary to wear yourself out with heavy physical labor and work at the limit of the possibility of your body. There are more pleasant procedures that simultaneously improve psychological well-being, strengthen the body and eliminate unwanted fat accumulation. The name of this unique invention of mankind is “bathhouse”. It’s the trips to the sauna and the sauna that help the actress to remain the model of femininity and attractiveness.

In order to, while in a place where the abundance of steam and MaxiSize krem Polska heat prevails, to lose excess pounds, the actress advises using some recommendations. They help her to maintain her harmony and beauty:

It is necessary to create conditions under which the body sweats as much as possible, thereby deducing the entire accumulated limit of toxins. The optimum climate is about 40% humidity, and the temperature is about 90 degrees Celsius.

In no case do not expose your body by testing steam and heat, if it is not ready for it. It should be smooth and slow, in a few days, add it to the bath and only after you feel from staying in the sauna or sauna, you can start losing weight here.

Only after adaptation you will achieve the desired result and do not harm yourself. If you feel that you are physically fit, then you can increase the time spent in the steam room.

Be sure to use a sauna broom. Slapping them provides an ideal massage for Valgosocks Magyarország Rendeljen the body and opens the pores. And a classic massage should also be present in the sauna and sauna. Required for special essential oils. The usual stay in a sitting position can be varied with slow turns of the body body, from side to side and back and forth.

There is no alcohol in the bath. Wine, beer, and other alcoholic drinks leave outside the steam room. Here, only herbal tea. It will help the body to make up for the loss of fluid and adjust the metabolism to the desired mode.