Beauty Secrets of Stephanie Seymour

Beauty Secrets of Stephanie SeymourStephanie Seymour in his 47 years looks no older than 30. This woman knows the secret of how to stop time. Her skin even now is in perfect condition with plastic surgery has never been.

As for the figures, it is also perfect (slim waist, long and slender legs). In general, the advantages of the model can be a long time to enumerate. It is better to learn the secrets of her beauty and youth.

  1. Care. That the skin was always taut and toned, you BioActive Raspberry Canada price need not only to care for her, but also drink plenty of water (at least 2.5 liters per day).
  2. Sport. The practice of sport should be BioActive Raspberry UK price regularly. However, it is very important to train not in a stuffy room, and outdoors. It is equally important to run every morning, it’s a great way to fight obesity.
  3. Liquor. If you want your skin longer was young did not drink alcohol.
  4. Stress and negative. There is nothing worse for female beauty than stress. Try not to fall into the negative and stressful situation. Communicate with cheerful and positive people who expect only a good life.

Super-Diet From A Hollywood Actress And Supermodel

The American model has chic shapes, and any woman can envy her ideal figure.

Stephanie Seymour leads a healthy lifestyle and eats properly, but sometimes for filming, she uses her super-diet to lose a few pounds.

Principles of diet:

  • Drinking regime. Drinking enough water is the main BioActive Raspberry New Zealand price principle of losing weight. If the body does not receive water, it will be impossible to lose weight. It is enough to drink a day with losing weight 2 liters of water.
  • Carbohydrates and fats. The most difficult thing with dieting is to completely abandon confectionery. You need to decide for yourself what you want – a beautiful figure or pleasure from eating sweets. The most dangerous for the process of losing weight are carbohydrates, so that they are quickly absorbed and the process of losing weight stops. Products containing fat should also be excluded.
  • Meals 5-6 times a day. Of course it is difficult to eat so often, given the rhythm of modern life, but if you want to lose weight, it is necessary to do so. With frequent intake of food, the feeling of hunger disappears and the metabolism begins BioActive Raspberry Australia price to work hard. This is due to the fact that rare portions will be processed into energy, and if it is deficient, the body will have to spend fat.
  • Gradual withdrawal from the diet. From any diet, you need to gradually switch to the correct diet. The transition should be gradual, because the body after fasting, will start storing fat. If you have lost weight to the desired weight, do not start eating sharply high-calorie food. Gradually introduce into the diet products that were not received by the body during the diet.

Contraindications: chronic liver disease, kidney problems, pressure problems, diseases of the nervous system, any hormonal failures.

Applying any diet consult a gastroenterologist. Products that can be consumed with this diet: vegetables, fruits, fresh herbs, sour-milk products, hard cheese, eggs, milk, chicken meat, fish, beef, cereals and legumes, dried fruits (prunes, dried apricots), berries, freshly squeezed cumpărare Green Coffee România juices. You can not: nuts, oils, fast food, sauces, carbonated drinks, alcohol, sweets, flour products, fatty pork, smoked meat, sausage, goose meat, ducks; fat, oily red fish.