Beauty Secrets of Tatiana Bulanova

120720165Tatiana Bulanova approaching 50 year milestone. However, this does not prevent the singer always look decent. Looking at the stars, she can not give more than 40 years. How she manages to stay in such a luxurious manner?

1. Power. If a woman is inclined to completeness, it should think about this at a young age. The older the woman, the more its power must be more correct. In addition, do not put any concessions (sweets, fast food). It is important not to eat at night, otherwise Maxisizer Қазақстан форумы all the fat is on your waist and hips.
2. Care. In any circumstances, you need to care for their skin. In addition, it is important to always wash off makeup. It is best to use special means, but if there is nothing at hand, use plain water.
3. Sport. Do not refuse to exercise. With training, you will always be stronger, healthier and have to tighten the skin. 4. Happiness. Find a man who can make you truly happy woman. If the spouses will love and understanding, that a woman will always look young and attractive.

Tips From Tatiana

A popular singer is known not only for hits and sensual performance of romantic songs, first of all Tatiana Bulanov is known as a beautiful and eternally young woman.

Not knowing about the true age of the singer will never guess how old she is. In it everything is fine – a slender and smart body, elastic skin, a face without age defects. And in order to look good, the singer does not resort to plastic surgery, because she thinks it’s just pointless and dangerous.

There are other options that help preserve youth and beauty for mature skin. All women Tatyana Bulanova advises to listen to her recommendations, as knowing about simple secrets, you can enjoy your mirror reflection, instead of fixating on wrinkles and other age-related changes.

Purification is above all. Even the most expensive anti-aging remedy will not be effective if it is not applied to pre-cleaned skin. Dead cells of the epidermis simply block the penetration of valuable substances and will not allow them to fulfill their mission. Therefore, any Maxisizer Հայաստան ֆորում face cream should be applied only after the skin has been thoroughly cleansed of dust and dead cells. To do this, you need to use scrubs. You can buy in the store, and you can cook yourself, for example, from coffee beans or from apricot kernels.

Tatiana Bulanova has been using the following home-made peeling for many years – mix a teaspoon of honey with sugar and add a little kiwi juice to the mixture. The resulting composition should be applied to the skin and then rinsed off with warm water. According to the singer – the effect is stunning and after such a deep cleansing you can apply a cream that is designed to fight wrinkles.

The cream can not be effective if it is on the skin for less than three hours. Therefore, it is best to apply it before bedtime. Special care requires delicate skin of the lips. To do this, you need to massage Maxisizer Беларусь форум them daily with a dry toothbrush, and then apply a moisturizer. Thus, it will be possible to avoid unattractive netting on the lips.

To wash the face it is necessary only cold water. And after the shower, the whole body is also waiting for the plunge into the cool water.