Beauty Secrets of Tatiana Navka

Beauty Secrets of Tatiana NavkaTatiana Navka is outstanding skater, which is able to bring to mind all the men planet. However, her heart belongs to one man – beloved husband. So how Navka always manages to stay in good shape?

1. Genes. All depends on the genetics. However, do not give up, because for a look always need.
2. Make-up. The skater can not do without Bust Size Polska przed i po lipstick and powder. These are two of her favorite tools.
3. Fragrance. Star always chooses a different perfume. A woman always has to change.
4. Cosmetic procedures. Navka sure that all procedures Bust Size Italia prima e dopo can be performed at home. Believe me, the result will be no worse and sometimes better. Nobody is better than you will not do this or that manipulation. Only you are interested in this as anyone else.
5. Hobby. A woman should always find yourself something exciting.
6. Sport. Without a professional skater sports simply can not imagine their life. However, now the figure skater has been a pleasure. Select a coach and let him select the right set of exercises. Exercise one is not interested.

How To Give Hair Shine

Beautiful, well-groomed, developing in the wind strands – this is the dream of every woman.

However, many do not know how to properly monitor their tresses and think that you can put your head in an expensive salon, but it’s not. A popular figure skater is happy to share her secrets and home care recipes Hydroxatone Australia to make any hair docile and smooth.

The causes of faded strands are different – summer heat, vitamin N deficiency, decreased hemoglobin, metabolic disturbances, frequent stresses, nervous overexertion, intense exposure to sunlight, use breast cream espaƱa spa of irons, forceps, hair cosmetics, inadequate hair cosmetics, a number of internal diseases, frequent staining , chemical perm, unbalanced food. Each woman in one way or another faces many harmful factors, and the athlete is no exception.

Daily tips for the beauty of the ringlets: check the condition of your comb, cut the split ends, wash the head with warm water and always rinse with cool water, switch the dryer to a lower speed, perform deep restoration with masks, avoid frequent use of high-temperature styling devices.

Use decoctions to give shine to your hair:

To make a tincture, you need to squeeze juice Flekosteel Bosna i Hercegovina from the nettle and dilute it with water. Prepared broth rinse your head, after each wash. Thanks to the rich content of vitamins and trace elements, nettle gives strength to curls, prevents loss of and removes dandruff.

This procedure is suitable for women with dark hair. Take the ground coffee, about 3 teaspoons and pour boiling water (500 milliliters). Let the drink cool down. Star advises to apply the product twice a week, rinse your hair.

Decoction of chamomile is good to wash light strands. In the pharmacy you can buy dried flowers and pour them with boiling water. Insist for 20-30 minutes. After the liquid has cooled, it can be used.

A well-known sportswoman assures that this is her favorite means. You need to pour water with fifty grams of parsley. Then boil twenty minutes and use it in a cooled form.