Beauty Secrets of Tina Karol

290620167Tina Karol – one of the most popular singers in Ukraine. She has a very busy tour schedule, but despite this the singer looks luxurious. How she manages to combine work, motherhood and always be well-groomed?

  • Power. The singer always eat right. She gave up fried foods. It is best to eat foods Bust Size Magyarország megjegyzések boiled. Of course, we must not forget about 1.5 liters of water per day.
  • Sports. The singer regularly visits the gym. Classes are always conducive to good shape. In addition, sports charges with positive energy.
  • Makeup. Carol prefers to focus on the lips. It is fashionable to Bust Size Ελλάδα σχόλια paint the lips red lipstick.
  • Skin. The singer snow-white skin, so it is necessary for good care. Facial Karol performs only at cosmeticians.
  • Hair. Now the singer’s golden hair color that she really goes. However, frequent coloring harm the hair, so the hair should be healthier with the help of professional masks.
  • Style. The singer has a very unusual style, but the clothes are always tasteful.
  • Love. Singer believes that a woman will always be beautiful, if it is a hot favorite.

Perfect Makeup Like Tina’s

Ukrainian singer always looks great.

Her makeup is impeccable. And millions of women dream to learn the secret of its attractiveness and how to make make up is just as perfect. Tina Karol owns some tricks of applying makeup and gladly shares her advice, with fans of her talent.

Instructions for applying makeup:

  1. Cleansing and moisturizing. Well-cleaned and moisturized skin is the basis of perfect make-up. If the skin is not moist enough, the skin will be red with roughness, and eventually the tone will not lie exactly.
  2. Apply a tone. Choose a base that fits perfectly to the color of your face. Avoid the effect of mask. Do not put too much tonal remedy. It is best to apply a transparent base, it looks natural, does not clog pores and perfectly moisturizes the skin. For daily make-up, it is Bust Size Hrvatska komentari better not to imagine a variant. A popular singer recommends putting the tone with the pads of the fingers, this method is much better for shading and guarantees uniform application of the substrate. Use concealer to mask defects. It will help to hide bruises and bags under the eyes, pimples and small skin imperfections.
  3. Blush. To achieve a natural effect, apply a minimum amount of blush on the cheeks. Choose the right tone and use a brush to distribute the product well.
  4. Fastening make up. To get rid of greasy sheen and give a tone of opacity use powder. Loose products are best on the skin. Choose a cosmetic product that matches your skin type. For a better application, use a special brush and do not forget to shake out excess powder, so it will lie more evenly.
  5. We form the eyebrows. Eyebrows – this is the frame of your eyes. Correctly selected FitoSpray Česká hubnutí form, will allow you to adjust the face and give the look expressiveness. The width of the eyebrows should not be too wide, but they can not be left thin. For the formulation of brooches there are many cosmetic products: gels, shadows and pencils. Pick the right shade and stroke the eyebrow, so it will look more natural.
  6. We paint our eyes. Using shadows, do not forget that for daytime makeup, choose shades close to natural, and the evening can be varied using smoky, bright colors. Drawing arrows, you give your eyes expressiveness and mystery. To draw arrows, select a pencil or eyeliner. We finish the make-up of eyes, applying mascara. When choosing mascara, give preference to the effect that it will demonstrate. What you need is volume or lengthening.
  7. Focus on the lips. Your sponges can be matte, shiny or natural. To add volume, use lip gloss. Choose FitoSpray Magyarország fogyás the color of lipstick that is right for you. For a more accurate application, use a special brush.