Beauty Secrets of Toni Garn

Beauty Secrets of Toni GarnToni Garn – the German model, which is popular far beyond the borders of his native country. This woman has a smart external data. In this regard, fashion houses are often invited to become the face of the company. Model not be easy: the constant shooting patrols. But this does not prevent Garn stay in good shape. Today finds her beauty secrets.

  • Sports. Every day has been a model tennis, dance, Pilates. Garn Hair Megaspray em Portugal sure that best engage with the group, rather than a personal trainer. Believe me, playing in the group – it is a great motivation not to miss classes.
  • Make-up. On the set always cause a lot of makeup, so in everyday life costing model without makeup.
  • Diet. Model does not eat meat and eggs, but also do not drink milk. However Garn just loves seafood. At the use of seafood have more strength and energy. Every day allows you to eat a piece of dark chocolate.
  • Care. Of course, you can take care of the skin and in the Hair Megaspray v České republice home. However, from time to time you need to visit a beautician.
  • Attitude. A woman should think positively, then only Hair Megaspray Ελλάδα the good and happiness will be attracted to it.

Mono Diet – Board Of The Top Model

The famous top model considers herself a big fan of seafood. In her opinion, seafood is ideally suited to get real gastronomic delights, without harming the figure at the same time.

In addition, using a special dietary diet consisting only of seafood, you can quickly bring your body into an ideal shape and get rid of excess kilograms. For many years, if she needs to get herself into shape as soon as possible, she does not experiment with the option of diets, but follows one, proven food system. Despite Tony’s rather young age, she considers herself to be a real expert in the field of mono-diet and has noted the high effectiveness of a seafood-based diet.

This diet has absolutely no contraindications, it does not harm the body, but instead replenishes the lack of necessary internal organs for normal functioning, fills the gap of iodine, phosphorus, copper, calcium, zinc, Omega-3 acids, Hair Megaspray w Polsce necessary proteins and other valuable substances.

Seafood in a large number of positively affect metabolism, act as a preventive tool against the ailment of the musculoskeletal system.

Seafood includes: mollusks, mussels, tapas, shrimps, crabs, lobsters, squid, octopus, scallop, sea fish, and algae.

The principle of the diet is that it is allowed during the day to eat only what the sea has given us. The course should be 4-5 days. If desired, in a few days you can repeat the diet. The main thing is that during a mono-diet you can not eat even vegetables and fruits. They can be used between courses.

But in addition to this short-term diet based on seafood, there are also more protracted programs, but they may have some contraindications and require consultation with a specialist.

The model assures that this system is nutritious and nutritious. In addition, the variety Hair Megaspray в България of seafood makes it possible to make your diet bright and different. If you love everything that lived in the sea waters, do not doubt that from this mono-diet you will be delighted and will not notice how the extra pounds will be lost.