Beauty Secrets of Valeria

080720169Valeria popular singer in Russia. However, the country’s women are interested in another question: “How to 48 years old can look at 25?”. This woman knows the secret of how to stop time, otherwise it would not be looking so young. Today we learn all of her feminine secrets.

1. Genes. The appearance of a woman depends on genetics. It is very important, it looked like your ancestors in the female line.
2. Yoga. With yoga, you can become healthier not only physically, but also spiritually. Yoga – a universal remedy. Unfortunately, many neglect classes.
3. Nutrition. Singer eat very small portions. It is very important Hair Megaspray cena Česká to eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. If the singer noticed extra weight (this is rare), then arrange a fasting day is enough.
3. Lifestyle. The woman is also important to give up bad habits and an active lifestyle. You do not need to drink alcohol and smoke, as all contribute to premature skin aging.
4. Beliefs. Learn to think of the good only. Throw away the bad thoughts, and you will see that very soon, life will improve.

Raw Food Is The Source Of Vitality And Energy

The singer has repeatedly told in interviews about her addiction to raw food. According to her, thanks to this power system you can keep a slim body and at the same time add skin tone.

In addition, the passion for eating only products that have not been Hair Megaspray στην Ελλάδα thermally treated can affect the whole body, add energy, and extend years of life in physical and mental health.

Many believe that raw food is only the consumption of vegetables and fruits and the complete exclusion of animal food. However, the correct raw food diet is not just food of plant origin. Also, milk, cottage cheese and eggs must be added here – the main sources of calcium, protein and other valuable microelements that the body needs to function properly.

Immediately it should be said that in no case can you eat raw fish and meat, since there is a risk of getting infected with parasites.

Ideally suited for this food system is wheat germination. It is best not to buy this product in a supermarket, and sprout on your own. The singer says that so you have the opportunity to get a complete list of valuable minerals that are in the composition of cereals.

In the case of a store product, there is a risk of stale wheat, which may contain microorganisms and mold. Buy wheat can be both in the market of agricultural products, and in pet stores.

Valeria recommends eating a lot of fruit, not vegetables. First of all, this is due to the fact that most vegetables contain nitrates. Therefore, if it is possible to purchase products that were grown by private farmers, it is better to give preference to them than the Hair Megaspray cena Polska assortment from supermarkets. Dilute diet should be a lot of nuts, greens, dried fruits and honey. It is permissible to make salads from raw foods and pour them with vegetable oil, preferably olive oil. This nutrition system is ideal for the body, since the body is full of useful substances that will provide an excellent form, youth and longevity.