Beauty Secrets of Zara

Beauty Secrets of ZaraZara young and talented singer. However, it can conquer not only talent, but also their external data. A woman truly beautiful. She was 32 years old, but looks Zara much younger than his years. What secrets stores Beauty beauty?

  • Diet. After birth, the singer had to sit on a strict diet. Soon, however, everything came back to normal, it is far more important to eat right.
  • Sports. Sport need to deal with on a regular basis and enjoy. Well, you need to do El-Macho in Deutschland what I do not like. Find for yourself the kind of sport that will bring you lots of positive emotions (dancing, yoga, boxing).
  • Care. To skin remains longer trim, you need to visit a beautician. It is equally important to carry out all his recommendations house. Only the constant work on yourself, will result.
  • Sleep. Everyone should get enough sleep. The slightest lack of sleep and it instantly affect the appearance. Eight hours a day would be sufficient.
  • Attitude to life. It is important to tune in a positive way .Not to think about the poor, envy. Learn to enjoy not only their victories but also strangers.

Two Hard Diets From Supermodels

In order to quickly get into shape, the singer Zara draws knowledge from the world-famous supermodels, which under any circumstances retain an excellent appearance.

Therefore, when after a happy event in her life – the birth of a baby, the singer gained superfluous kilograms, she easily got rid of them at an accelerated pace. However, these food systems are quite rigid and limited, so the singer warns that using them regularly is not recommended, but only in exceptional Поръча El-Macho България cases, when there is no time for more sparing diets.

Three-day diet program. In just three days you can lose four kilograms. The principle of action is that eating takes place only in the first half of the day. Full-fledged dinners, snacks and suppers are not available here. Breakfast consists only of one boiled egg, preferably, it was soft-boiled and a glass of black unsweetened tea.

As a second breakfast, which should be about 3-4 hours after the first, you need to eat 100 grams of low-fat cottage cheese and drink another glass of tea without sugar. After two o’clock in the afternoon you can not eat anything. You can drink water or herbal teas without adding a sweetener. Due to the fact that the Megrendelés El-Macho Magyarország program is quite harsh, it is not recommended to use it for more than 3 days. In addition to the fact that so little food is extremely harmful, even after three days the rate of burning fat accumulation slows down. You can repeat the course after a while, however, it is forbidden to part.

This option also does not involve the use of more than three days. Breakfast – 2 boiled eggs, 50 grams of low-fat chicken, and a glass of any tea without sugar. As a second breakfast is another glass of hot tea or herbal decoction. Lunch – 100 grams of lean fish, steamed and a small portion of beans. For dessert, you can use any fruit and drink a glass of tea without sugar. As a snack again unsweetened tea. Dinner – a small portion of vegetable salad dressed with olive oil and tea.