Beauty Secrets

220920167Every woman is to strive for excellence. However, it is difficult to achieve when you do not know any secrets, and secrets. Today we need to cover it in more detail.

1. Pregnancy. Early pregnancy adversely affects the female body.
2. Weight. From a young age I need to watch my weight. Believe me, obesity – it is not the worst. Overeating facing diabetes and high blood pressure.
3. Sex. Have sex. It can help you increase the life span.
4. Green tea. Discard the black tea to green. With the tea can strengthen tooth enamel.
5. Folic acid. Eat more food, which contains folic acid. This cheese, liver, dairy products, leafy vegetables. Folic acid makes the skin not only beautiful, but also strengthens the immune system and eyesight.
6. Vitamin D. Do not forget about vitamin D. It promotes better absorption of calcium. This skin will be much more beautiful.

As you can see, a beautiful woman to be not so difficult. The main thing is to follow the simple rules and enjoy life.

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