Beauty Treatments, from Which is to Give

18101614Any woman, regardless of her age, always wants to look beautiful and attractive.

Looking at fashion magazines, the covers of which are shown Centerfolds, many persons of the fair sex want to be like them and to do all agree on. However, in most cases, money spent, time does not justify the desired results, and in some cases, cause damage to health.

In pursuit of tan, many women visit the tanning bed, unaware that UV rays can lead not only to dry skin and allergies, but also cause cancer.

Recently, a very fashionable to get a tattoo among young people, and not only in boys but also girls. By agreeing to put on your body the various figures, there is a risk of contracting hepatitis C, and as we know, this is a serious chronic disease that will haunt you throughout life.

Age women always give her wrinkles, so many of them agree on the use of Botox, without realizing that, in addition to a positive result, there are headaches, nausea, but most importantly, there is a great risk of botulism.

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