Beer Consumption is the Cause of Many Diseases

100920164Men who like to drink beer, is often subjected to a body very heavy loads and quite rapidly destroy their own health. It is scientifically proven that a daily dose of 2 pints of beer is fatal to man’s body. First of all, from the use of intoxicating beverages work brain deteriorates, reduced memory and there is a large number of other negative consequences.

But most importantly, that the beer has a negative impact on the reproductive system of males. Contained in the beer components often have a structure similar to female hormones. As a result, men are getting into the body, they start to suppress the natural production of testosterone. This habit often causes impotence and infertility. In addition, the beer ferment in the stomach often stretches it in size, which is why men who like beer, have a big belly.

Beer is bad for women. Female body in general is very sensitive to alcohol, so regular consumption of beer causes a woman addictive and subsequent dependence.

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