Benefits of Linden

Now the linden blooms very actively. Her scent and aroma just intoxicates. So you want to still and breathe this wonderful fragrance.

Many people actively collect her inflorescences and dry them. Ask why they are doing this? It’s simple, linden is very healthy. Let’s understand more.

1. Cold. Lime flowers are used to treat colds. It should be noted that the composition of the infusion is unique. It is because of him that you can cope with a cold in two accounts. This tea also has antipyretic effect.
2. Diseases of the stomach. Lime blossom also helps with diseases of the stomach. In particular, with increased acidity.

I want to note that the lime flower can be used in combination with a flower and elderberry and currant leaves. The effect will be even stronger.

It is best to drink tea in the cold season and not on an ongoing basis. Otherwise, there may be problems with the heart and kidneys. Like any medicinal plant, it has contraindications.

Do not be ill. Remember, it is always better to be treated with natural ingredients, rather than chemical agents.

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