Best Breakfast – The Oatmeal

22101619Every morning should begin with the fact that, waking up, drink a glass of clean water with lemon, then, not earlier than half an hour, you are ready for breakfast, which, gastroenterologists recommend to use different cereals, preferably cooked in water.

Almost all crops, such as buckwheat, rice, millet, have a lot of fiber, minerals and vitamins.

However, particular preference should be given oatmeal, because it has a positive effect on the work of the stomach and is especially useful to those people who have been gastritis or peptic ulcer disease, because such a mess is able to envelop the stomach wall.

Those who suffer from heart disease, this porridge is a must, because it helps to reduce the bad cholesterol in the blood and normalizes blood pressure.

For those people who are watching their figures, this product is also very useful, because by eating a small portion of oatmeal, a person receives all the necessary trace elements and satisfies hunger for a long time.

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