Black tea helps reduce the pressure

30091624Everybody knows about the benefits of green tea to human health.

However, recent research in the field of the drink showed that not only the green and black tea but is also very useful for our body. It turns out that 1 cup of black tea without sugar helps to effectively reduce blood pressure and improve cardiovascular system.

The active ingredients of the drink helps to normalize blood circulation and reduce the risk of heart disease by several times. This is surprising, but it is due to the use of tea high blood pressure can get rid of high blood pressure symptoms and improve the performance of the entire system.

In a research study conducted in the United States, attended by about 100 volunteers, aged 35 to 65 years. It was found that after 6 months, one group that drank black tea daily, showed higher research results.

Recall that the tea – it is the second most popular beverage in the world after water.