Brittle Nails – What to Do?

Broken claws – this is not news for women. This is what prompted women to cover them with gel-lacquer or build them up. In general, no one tries to cope with the problem, but tries to disguise it.

However, the question remains open. How to take care of brittle nails?

1. Nutrition. Reconsider your diet. Nails become brittle due to unbalanced nutrition. Include in the diet products that contain calcium, zinc, amino acids. Do not forget about the daily use of protein (meat, fish).
2. Care. As for leaving, many women here make mistakes. You can not put too much pressure on the base of the nail or work without gloves. All this will cause their fragility. Manicure must be done smoothly, without pressure. It is best that a skilled craftsman does this. It is very important to refuse, from the funds that contain acetone. This chemical has a bad effect on the condition of the nails.

Lovely women, proper care and nutrition will help to grow long and beautiful nails without any build-up.

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