Broth Hips Very Useful for Health

29101615In the autumn period is enhanced threat of various types of cold-related diseases, therefore, in order to avoid this, it is necessary to improve their immunity.

One of the best natural anti-bacterial products are the hips, because in them the vitamin C is much higher than for example in lemons.

A decoction of this berry is used in the treatment of gastritis and even ulcer disease, and it is recommended to drink those people who suffer swelling, as it has diuretic properties.

Those persons who have elevated pressure, the drink should be in the diet on a daily basis, because it is able to normalize it.

To prepare the broth quite a few rose hips pour boiling water, preferably in a thermos and 2 hours you ready wholesome drink, and if in a warm infusion add a spoonful of honey, its use will increase several times.

The only condition is that it is not advisable to purchase rosehip on natural markets, because it can be assembled in industrial areas or near roads.