Can I Make Anesthesia During Pregnancy

2210162The gestation period – one of the most difficult in the life of any girl.

At this point, it has to largely limit themselves and to think about what action could harm the future baby. One of the frequently asked questions concerns the anesthesia – Is it possible to do a pregnant woman? Indeed, physicians do not limit this possibility.

According to many health professionals, pregnant women do not contraindicated anesthesia if they came, for example, to the dentist because of the tooth of the patient. On the contrary, it is desirable as soon as possible to cure the tooth to get rid of the pain, which is even more harm to the unborn child. Disposable local anesthesia is absolutely safe and has no serious contraindications, so you can safely use it even if you are pregnant.

The same is true of painkillers. If you have a bad headache, or you have a cold, it is best to remove the pain of using paracetamol instead to endure it.

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