Care for Hair Extensions

Nowadays, more and more women are giving up natural beauty in favor of artificial. Women do their best to be better. It should be noted that most of the representatives of the sex perfectly build their hair. The thing is that it’s not so easy to grow your hair.

Only there is a quite fair question – how correctly to look after the increased hair? In this case, there are many nuances.

1. Wash. As for this procedure, you need to use a very mild shampoo. Its pH should be neutral.
2. Drying. After you have washed your hair, they must be wrapped in a towel. So superfluous water will be easier to be absorbed. You do not need to press them hard. As for the hair dryer, it is best not to use it.
3. Hairbrush. Wet hair we never comb. When they dry, you can use a comb made of natural materials.
4. Sleep. If you go to bed, then the hair is best to braid. This will protect them from entanglement.

Keep an eye on your appearance, and especially for your hair.

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