Care for Oily Hair

020920168In the last article, we described how to care for dry hair. Today we talk about oily hair type. At present, more and more women and young girls are the owners of this type of hair it is.

Greasy hair very quickly lose their shine and attractive appearance. One gets the impression that they stick together. It can often appear oily dandruff. In general, the view is simply terrifying. Many women do not know how to deal with this problem.

In this context, women are interested in the question, how many times to wash the head in a week? Now the specialists’ opinion is divided. Some people believe that frequent washing of provoking an even more active sebaceous glands. On the other hand, to go with a dirty head – not the solution. Every woman always wants to look attractive, whether it is at home or at work.

Most likely, there is no better solution to the problem than dry shampoo. Use it to clean the hair. It can be alternated with traditional hair washing. Do not forget about herbs. It is useful to rinse hair with herbal infusions, based on oak bark and berries of mountain ash.

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