Care of Light Skin

The skin color of each person is different. Someone it is lighter, but someone is darker. This fact can play a very significant role in skin care. Every woman strives to achieve her beauty and youth.

So, what care is needed for the light skin, so that it lasts longer attractive?

1. Washing. Every morning, you need to wipe your face with ice cubes. This will help keep the skin well toned and youthful. To the effect was even better, you need to add a decoction of chamomile into the water, and then freeze. Do not use soap for washing. This will lead to excessive dryness of the skin.
2. Moistening. To moisturize the skin you need oil. Ideal for this purpose is suitable olive oil. Undoubtedly, you can use the cream, but the effect will be much worse.
3. Cleansing. Do not forget about purification. However, for these purposes, you can not use a scrub with hard particles. The basis of the tool should have a gentle texture.

Dear women, only correct and timely care will help us look even in 40 years at 20!

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