Caring for Long Hair

090920166What woman does not dream of a beautiful and long hair? Of course, these women are simply not found.

It is worth noting that if a woman’s thin hair from nature, it is ready to go to great lengths to make them more beautiful and thicker.

But do not forget about the owner of the natural long hair. They are, and let them not so much. How to care for such hair?

1. Shampoo. You should never apply shampoo directly on the hair. It is much wiser to put it into the hands, rub, and then lather hair.
2. Combing. You never need to comb wet hair. First, let them dry and then start combing.
3. Comb. Choose a comb only from natural materials.
4. Spit. You do not need to sleep with her hair. Plait them into braids, so they are not confused.
5. The frequency of washing. No need to wash your hair too often, as this has a negative impact on their appearance.
6. Mowing. Hair should be cut a few centimeters every few months. This will save you from split ends, and they will look more healthy.

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