Causes of Depression in Teenagers

130820168Age from 14 to 17 years is one of the most complex in the child’s upbringing. At this age, the child begins to feel like an adult and seeks to be heard, but many parents still find it a little, and therefore treat it the same way as a child. According to psychologists, this attitude is one of the main causes of psychological problems and depression and teenage children.

In addition, another reason for the occurrence of psychological disorders in teenagers is a rivalry with other children for the attention of adults. For example, if a brother or sister, parents pay more attention to, it can cause the adolescent resentment and become a cause of depressive state.

In addition, very often depression occurs in adolescents because of their poor communication skills, constant bullying by their peers, and so on.

In third place in the list of common reasons for depression and teens is an unattractive appearance. If your teenager sees that it does not cause the interest of the opposite sex, it can also drive it in a difficult psychological state.

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