Causes of Diabetes

150920165According to statistics, more and more people are faced with such a disease as diabetes. It should be noted that very often the person gets the blame. What causes diabetes?

1. TV. If a person watches television more than two hours per day, the risk of increase of diabetes becomes longer by almost 15%. This is due to the fact that the person sitting more and moving less.
2. Carbonated drinks. In these drinks contain a lot of sugar. They create an enormous burden on the pancreas.
3. No breakfast. If a person does not eat in the morning, then the risk of diabetes increased almost twice.
4. Depression. Depressive condition increases the risk of disease by 25%.
5. Smoking. Smoking triggers the development of diabetes.
6. Semi-finished products. In such products contain preservatives. They have a negative effect on the pancreas.
7. Fast food. The same goes for food from fast food. If it is time to eat more than 2 per week, the risk of diabetes also increases dramatically.

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