Causes of Female Depression

1709201610Today, more people are prone to depressive states. Especially, it concerns the beautiful half of humanity. Constant stress, which over time can lead to depression. With this state of the need to fight as soon as it begins to emerge. The more advanced forms of depression, the harder it is to get out of it. So, what are the most likely causes of depression can be?

1. Genetic. It all depends on genetic factors. We need to look at the parents, and everything will be clear.
2. Hormonal. Hormones, which are released in the body for life can influence mood.
3. Postpartum Depression. Very often women become depressed after childbirth. After giving birth, women are very vulnerable and suspiciousness.
4. Stress. If while not to start a fight with stress, all this can cause depression. Stress arises from the dismissal at work, or breaking up with a loved one.
5. Premenstrual syndrome. Very often, women feel mood swings before menstruation. In this case, nothing needs to be done. All will pass by itself.

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