Causes of Low Vision

0909201610Nowadays more and more people are experiencing a problem with vision. Even small children are already wear glasses. Scientists led disappointing statistics, if it will go on, pretty soon almost all the inhabitants of the planet will suffer from myopia. The main reason is that children are a little on the street, and spend more time at the computer monitor. And as a child has not yet time to form the visual system. What are the main enemies of view?

1. Darkness. If you want to save the sight, give up reading and working in the dark. If you feel that the eyes began to strain, then turn on the light. If possible, put the case for more daylight hours.
2. Lack of vitamins. People eat enough vitamins, especially vitamin A. It is necessary to eat more foods that are rich in this vitamin (blueberries, carrots).
3. TV and monitor. If you work at a computer or watching television, be sure to take a break. Rest your eyes – look out the window.
4. Smoking. Smoking can cause cataracts and glaucoma.

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