Chewing Gum – For and Against

010920165At present, more and more you can find young people who chew gum. Among young people – it is considered fashionable and cool. However, as the same relate to the dentists.

Immediately I must say that the ratio of experts to a chewing gum is ambiguous. With the help of chewing gum can freshen the mouth and disinfect it. On the other hand, in the chewing gum contains sugar, which does not benefit the teeth. Moreover, many are not entirely gum composition is good. Especially dangerous chewing gum young children. While many parents give gum to their children without fear.

Undoubtedly, the market can find sugar-free gum. Only it is important to understand that it can not be chewed for several hours. Prolonged chewing can damage the periodontal tissue. In addition, a person who chews the cud, it looks unsightly.

So to summarize – chewing gum can be about three minutes, three times a day. Do not exceed this time, because you can not only cause damage to periodontal and mucous membrane of the stomach.

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