Childhood Obesity Risk

03101619Many parents from an early age are trying to force your child to eat.

Often excessive desire to feed his son or daughter leads to very bad consequences. Nowadays often possible to observe such a problem like childhood obesity. Unfortunately, this is a real problem that demands a lot of attention, because the excess baby weight in childhood creates a lot of problems for him in adulthood.

In particular, scientists from the Center for Child Health Diagnostics in the US recently published a list of the main problems and diseases that obesity provokes children. The main thesis of this list were:

• Instability of the heart, poor permeability of the blood, high blood pressure;
• High risk of developing diabetes;
• Problems with the operation of the musculoskeletal system;
• Hormonal disruptions and higher risk of infertility in adulthood;
• Psychological problems, low self-esteem, poor mental abilities.

That is why all the experts recommend to monitor the weight of the child from an early age to ensure his health in adult life.

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