Children Can Not Be Calm Gadgets

2210164Many of today’s parents from an early age to allow their children to use a variety of gadgets – phone, computer or tablet.

Moreover, when a child is naughty or constant crying, the parents give him to see a cartoon on your smartphone or include some entertaining game that will interest the child and quickly calms him.

However, doctors warn parents of such practices. In particular, a group of experts from Michigan conducted several studies to examine the impact of mobile phones on children’s development. It turned out that if soothing a child with the help of gadgets, then very soon you will encounter even more problems. The fact that mobile phones and smart phones is very good to soothe a child, but hinder his social development. Children who often played with smartphones, much worse accustom surrounded by other children and become withdrawn.

If you do not want that to happen with your child, it is better not to teach him a child playing with mobile phone and more than communicate and play with them yourself.

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