Chocolate and Weight Loss

180920167There is a very popular stereotype is that while weight loss is necessary to completely eliminate the use of sweets, including chocolate. However, studies of specialists in this field show that in fact the situation is a little different. The fact is that if a drop in the absolute weight of the person eliminates the consumption of chocolate from the diet, it significantly impairs slimming effect, and very often in principle excludes the possibility to achieve a certain result.

At least, this is according to the study conducted by a team of nutritionists in the United States. They have a selection of the 1,000 people who wanted to lose weight. It turned out that more than 87% of respondents who in the process of burning fat consumed chocolate, achieved positive results and were able to quite successfully lose weight.

Specialist nutrition Janet Eylott confirms that during the diet do not need to exclude certain groups of products strongly. Much more important is the right to distribute their consumption throughout the day, not to exceed the normal dose of calories.

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