Clothing in Hot Weather

1909201610Everyone is always waiting for the summer and heat. However, warm weather at any time can be replaced by heat and heat. In this period it is difficult to all: both children and adults, and the elderly.

How could I not want to leave the room in which the air conditioning works.
But this is just a dream. As if there was not a building with a comfortable temperature will sooner or later have to leave.

But the subject of today’s article is different. Much more relevant is entirely different topic. How to get dressed in the summer? In this period, the clothes should be as user-friendly.

So, the most important thing was that the clothes made of natural fabrics. Under no circumstances, do not wear synthetics in the heat, as you start to sweat even more. Choose things made of linen and cotton. Such tissue air is passed perfectly. Note flax very wrinkled, so it is not suitable for a business suit.

It is very important in hot weather to abandon fitting clothes. It is better to choose something light and airy. So the skin will breathe easier. For example, a light sundress.

It is not necessary to wear summer shoes with high heels. At this time, the legs are prone to swelling. Do not make it worse.

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