Coffee and Pregnancy

0611164The diet of the pregnant life is significantly different from that to which she was accustomed to in everyday life.

The process of pregnancy is making significant adjustments to the list of authorized products, so it is very important to understand that you can eat, but what you can not. Many women are often interested in the question of whether it is possible to drink coffee during pregnancy?

If you decide once every few weeks, a cup of coffee – there are no risks. However, with regular use of this drink during pregnancy may be a different problem. For example, recently the British university staff conducted studies that have tried to find out the effect of coffee on the health of pregnant women. It turns out that if women are constantly drink a lot of coffee during pregnancy, it significantly increases the risk of miscarriage and can cause birth underweight.

For this reason, scientists asked women to give up drinking coffee during pregnancy, but if it is very difficult to do, then at least to reduce its consumption of 1-2 cups per week.

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