Colds during Pregnancy

160920168No one likes to be sick. However, the most dangerous thing that can be a woman – is ill during pregnancy. During this period, as the disease itself, the same medications may have negative effects on the unborn child.

If you are expecting a baby and feel unwell, seek medical advice immediately. In no case be self-medicate. Only a qualified physician can make any recommendations. You can not listen to the advice of neighbors or read reviews on the Internet. All this can play a cruel joke.

That in cold season to protect yourself from colds need: less places to visit in the huge crowds. If this is not possible, then you need to wear a gauze bandage. Change it should be every 3 hours. Of course, at this time you need to eat right. About any diet can not speak. Be sure to take prenatal vitamins which prescribed by a doctor. Do not forget about the day and evening walks. If we stick to simple rules, you will be healthy pregnancy.

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