Comfortable Shoes

260820163At present, more and more women wearing high-heeled shoes. Especially in fashion now LaBute. It’s the shoes that are not only of high heels, but also a platform. Yes, it is uncomfortable, but the beauty demands victims (so reason such women). Woman ready to suffer for the sake of beauty, and did not think about their health. Wearing uncomfortable shoes threatens many diseases.

However, whether or not to risk their health in order to surprise the staff at work ?! It must be understood that these shoes are not designed to overcome long distances. For example, look at the stars. Yes, on stage they always look perfect: beautiful dress, pumps. But notice in everyday life all wear comfortable shoes. Unfortunately, many women simply refuse to understand it. They will wear high-heeled shoes, how hard it was not to them.

If a woman spends a lot of time on their feet (ie the seller), it is simply obliged to wear comfortable shoes. It can be: loafers, flip flops, slippers.

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