Consume only pasteurized milk

17101617Everyone knows about the benefits of milk, as this product contains a large amount of nutrients, especially calcium, which strengthens our bones.

It is understood that in the raw milk such substances is much greater than pasteurized. However, it can also be harmful bacteria and from which a person can get various diseases.

The fact is that even if a milkmaid in compliance with all necessary sanitary regulations in the collection of milk from the cow, which seemingly looks healthy a person can get all of her disease. For example, such as worms, and other intestinal diseases.

Therefore, it is not necessary to buy milk and other products to natural markets, since no one will give you no guarantee on its quality, and if you still decide to buy domestic milk, then before use, you must be sure to boil it.

Buying milk in stores, should also pay attention to the period of its implementation, since, in spite of the heat treatment, resulting in prolonged storage it can also occur in E. coli.

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