Cubs Errors in the Gym

150820167That came a great day – you decide to go in for sports. The first day of training in the gym is always given hard. Then it becomes easier and Sports will start to make a real pleasure. However, in the gym you need to perform the exercises correctly. Otherwise, it may result in herb. So, what mistakes allow the newcomers to the gym?

1. Personal opinion. If the coach said to do the exercise in some way, you do not need to do differently. Strictly necessary to do so, as the coach said. In this case, should not be allowed amateur.
2. Diet. When you exercise you need to eat right. You can not play sports and eat poorly. It is fraught with serious problems.
3. Breathing. During all exercises it is very important to breathe correctly.
4. Being late. You can let yourself go to the gym later and leave earlier. This should not be allowed, because the effect of the training is still not.
5. Clothing. It is very important in the gym to be in comfortable clothes. No need to buy all very stylish, but very uncomfortable.

Listen to the coach and his body. If you meet these rules, then you will succeed.

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