Daily use of cosmetics is injurious to health

04101614On that only women are not able to in order to look beautiful and attractive.

Some of them regularly attend expensive beauty salons, sparing no means to get a good makeup applied specialist. Most of the fairer sex alone suggest the beauty, sitting for hours in front of a mirror, but few people think that using cosmetics, they are harmful to your health.

Among the most common cosmetic is a lipstick, which is used by all women, almost every day. The chemical composition of lipstick contain heavy metals and other toxic substances that are getting into the body, promote the disruption of the nervous system.

The composition of the nail varnish also include harmful chemical elements, moreover, they are toxic, however, during the make-up, apply a varnish necessary in ventilated areas.

Use of deodorants can also cause various diseases, therefore, their use is recommended that frequent, especially those species which are applied directly to the body.

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