Daily walks and vitamins will help to strengthen health

210161Though the summer on time borrows as much months as any other period of year, for some reason this season flies by much quicker. Without having managed to enjoy sunshine and sea bathtubs, you already meet fall from which beginning there comes cold, rainy weather. At this time very often there are air temperature drops which negatively influence health of people, especially those who suffer from chronic diseases.

To keep the health, it is necessary to protect your organism from viral illnesses for what it is necessary to follow several useful rules which are advised by doctors.

First, despite the fact that what weather is observed on the street, make daily walks in the fresh air, at the same time choose clothes according to air temperature. It is the best of all to arrange such walks in squares or parks where air is much purer.

Also, it is worth paying attention to the food. Try to use as much as possible fresh fruit and vegetables, the benefit that they during the autumn period are enough, and also, try to refuse greasy, fried food, having replaced it with seafood.

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