Daytime Sleep Can Lower Blood Pressure

1510167Many modern doctors often argue about the beneficial and harmful properties of daytime sleep.

For example, studies show that sleep during the day is very harmful if you suffer from insomnia or not getting enough sleep at night. However, recent studies show that sleep during the day sometimes be very useful.

For example, if you have high blood pressure, it can be very easy to normalize with the help of an afternoon nap. It turns out that even chasa naps 1 sufficient to lower blood pressure and provide additional protection to the heart muscle. That is the conclusion drawn by researchers after it tested a group of 100 students is absolutely healthy.

Such volunteers were divided into two groups – the first was in regular sleep for 60 minutes at lunch, and the second did not sleep during the day. It turned out that the first group significantly decreased blood pressure, while it remained unchanged in terms of the second group.

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