Diet for Headaches

150920161Many women face this problem as a headache. The situation is not the most pleasant, but you need to look for a way out. Sometimes it is not necessary immediately to swallow pills. It is much wiser to adjust the power. So, from the use of any product is best to abstain?

– Spices, seasonings. In no case do not eat Chinese food.
– Artificial sweeteners.
– Legumes. These include: beans, lentils. Pears are also best not to eat.
– Bakery products. Cakes and all sorts of pastries should be excluded from the diet.
– Milk and dairy products (cheese).
– Canned food.
– Peanuts, nuts.
– Mayonnaise, ketchup.
– Reduce the consumption of raisins and citrus fruits.

With regard to general recommendations, it is necessary to frequently walk in the fresh air. At least one hour a day to spend outdoors. Try to avoid stressful situations. Now this is not so simply, but this should strive for. Do not forget that you need to get enough sleep on a regular basis. No need until late at night to sit at the computer. It is much wiser to go to bed early.

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