Diet for Intestinal Dysbiosis

On a diet, people do not just sit down when they want to lose weight. Most often, people adhere to a diet in this or that pathology. There are many different diets developed by specialists. They have a certain number of table. For example, table number five is prescribed for diseases of the liver and gallbladder.

But today, let’s discuss the diet for intestinal dysbacteriosis. The topic is topical, because antibiotics I drink about and without.

1. What to refuse. With such a diet, you must abandon the products that stimulate the production of gastric juice (smoked, spicy dishes). You can not eat canned food and shish kebab.
2. Alcohol. It is forbidden to drink alcohol. They will only aggravate the situation. You can not even drink kvass. It will cause a fermentation in the intestines.
3. Fatty foods. From fatty foods is also best to give up. Meat and fish should be low-fat varieties.

Nutrition with any diet should be gentle and not loading the organs of the gastrointestinal tract. Drink more kefir to restore the microflora.

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