Diet for SARS and Influenza

03111618With the advent of autumn, when everything is more frequent colds and flu there are sharp changes in the weather, the people, and, if not promptly begin the right treatment, you can all lead to chronic diseases.

If you have a runny nose, it hurts to swallow and entire body aches, these signs indicate a cold, during the treatment which is to adhere to certain rules.

Firstly, the need to increase fluid intake, and it should be herbal teas, for example, lime, mint, as well as natural juices, fruit drinks and tea with lemon, with all drinks should be consumed in the form of heat.

For the treatment of rhinitis can use inhalation with medicinal herbs such as chamomile, lime, as well as for the feet to use the hot pan, add the powder to the mustard, but the duration of such a procedure should not exceed 10 minutes.

During this period, it is necessary to adhere to proper nutrition, which is necessary to completely abandon the acute and salty foods, as well as from the roast. Your diet should consist of boiled or stewed dishes, with preference given to vegetables, fish and poultry.

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