Diet Gives Energy

29101620Approaching the mirror, you realize that it is time to correct the lost form? Face round, and favorite jeans began to emphasize more disadvantages than advantages?

Then do not waste time and pay attention to the amount of available calories in the body. Most likely, the body began to get more of them of the rules and it is time to move to the time dieting. Many will say that again it takes to put your health what – that, even if a small fraction of the harm. And now winter, no sun and power, and so not fully. How could draw energy for hard work, education of children and loved?

There is the ideal way – it’s yoghurt diet. Observe it needs only 5 days, and the weight loss will be 3 – 5 kg. And this is without the decline of vitality is often seen with other diets. On the plus side you can add and intestines clean and bring it back to normal microflora, and the elimination of toxins.

Already ready to try a diet yoghurt? Then break your diet for 4 times. The main thing is after 19.00 strictly refuse to eat.
1 – first meal of 50 ml of yogurt, 20 raisins, a banana;
2 – First meal: soup of sea fish, 100 ml of yogurt;
3 – meal: fruit (1 pcs.);
4 – First meal: vegetables grated with any vegetable oil, 50 ml of yogurt.