Do not Force Children to Overeat

20101614Many parents often worry that, in their opinion, the baby poor appetite, so, in order that he ate the entire serving, have resorted to various methods of exposure, ranging from various promises, ending the threat.

But it turns out, so they teach children to overeat, which subsequently leads to the fact that people are not even experiencing hunger, prefers to snack.

Over time, as a result, in humans there are fat, and this in turn gives rise to various diseases, primarily related to heart operation.

Therefore, in no case should not encourage your child to eat, if he does not want it, because when he is hungry, he will eat as much as the body requires it.

In order to attract the attention of children to food, cooked food should be not only tasty and healthy, but also beautifully decorated. For example, porridge, you can add pieces of fruit or berries and drink served by glass with straws.

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