Do not ignore a break for lunch

04101615At a time when finding a well-paid job rather difficult, then, employed people, especially office workers companies, fearful of losing their jobs to spend for lunch no more than half an hour, although the law is given for this for 1 hour.

And some of them and did refuse to break for lunch, explaining that the great volume of work. It is their own initiative because they want to prove themselves best.

However, this is not worth doing, because the scientists proved that people who have a sedentary job, except for the lunch break is necessary for each hour, at least 10 minutes for exercise.

Many managers of firms and companies have long noticed that those employees who neglected the time the lunch break, in the second half of the day performance is markedly reduced. Not to mention the fact that giving up hot food and replace it with a variety of snacks and sandwiches, such people cause serious harm to the stomach, resulting in chronic diseases may arise, which are then cured is not so simple.

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