Do Not Risk your Own Health, Living a Long Time in a Rented Apartment

There is a proverb: “In your own home and the walls help.” This applies to almost all tenants. As it turns out, living in someone else’s apartment can be dangerous to health. This is reported by scientists from Manchester University.

Most recently they conducted an experiment in which about 7500 people took part, from different families with different levels of well-being and condition. All volunteers were over 50 years old. The essence of the experiment was to study the level of well-being for a long time in a rented dwelling. As it turned out, among all those who wished to participate in the experiment, the level of well-being and happiness decreased because of the fact that housing was not theirs, but a removable one. These people suffered more from nervous disorders, mental illness and depression.

In addition, specialists were able to find out that people who are popular among their peers in kindergarten, and then outgrew the popularity of this person from kindergarten to school, such people often earn more money in adulthood than other non-popular peers.

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