Doctors recommend to eat not less than 3 bananas a day

210163Such exotic fruit as banana, many love, especially children therefore parents try to add it to various porridges, milk dishes which some kids eat without pleasure. But, as it appeared, bananas possess not only excellent tastes, but also contain enough a potassium which is so necessary for our organism.

Scientists of some countries agreed in opinion that using bananas, also as well as nuts, fish and milk, there is an opportunity to prevent a stroke. Such conclusion was drawn after the conducted research which lasted for several decades therefore it was succeeded to find out that for adults the standard daily rate of a potassium makes three and a half milligrams.

If to consider that one banana, on average, contains nearly 500 milligrams of a potassium, and this norm is enough to reduce pressure, then, using three bananas a day, eating them behind each meal, it is possible to avoid such disease as an atherosclerosis. Scientists also noticed that if to receive enough a potassium, then, considerably it is possible to reduce number of fatal cases which come from strokes.