Drink at Night Adversely Affects Sleep

05111614Sometimes people dealing with insomnia or just wishing to relax and fall asleep as soon as possible, find a solution to your problem acceptance of a small amount of alcohol before bedtime.

American scientists conducted a series of some research and found that about 20% of the US population (among the citizens who have reached the age of majority) continuously drink alcohol in an attempt to overcome insomnia.

Recent work in the study of sleep disorders have shown that although alcohol and causes drowsiness, it it can cause insomnia and other sleep problems.

Scientists led dizzying figures: in America, social spending, in liaison with sleep disorders due to alcohol, up to 18 billion dollars.

As it turned out, alcohol leads to a malfunction of sleep homeostasis – a mechanism in the human body that controls sleep, that, in the end, and becomes the cause of insomnia.

Over 5 years, scientists have studied the results of the effects of alcohol on sleep. The conclusion is that the constant use of alcohol, even in small amounts, often leads to sleep issues.

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